~ Readings ~
In the Romani Gypsy language readings come from nature. The "patrin" was an arrangement of leaves on the ground which told other Gypsies of the direction you may have been travelling in. Gypsies also read from omens, bird-flight, dreams, personal experience, and, of course, playing cards.

All traditional readings are through email only and include a question or a situation you may wish to address. Note - £10 discount applies for Yearly Readings only, so long as you order your reading during November 2018.

Basic Reading - £45

Past-Life Reading - £55

Yearly Readng. £75
Half-yearly Reading - £55

Please purchase your reading through bank transfer, or use Paypal if you prefer.
Please contact me and payment details will be sent to you.


Right is an example of an ancestral portrait entitled Buddhist Boy. If you wish to have an ancestral reading, together with a portrait, please contact me.