My Romani Gypsy background has given me a wealth of experience, strength, and understanding, a coping mechanism for life, which all Romani Gypsies need considering the persecution we've suffered. I received hardly any schooling, mostly due to my Asperger's and motor dyspraxia - which doesn't mean I am unintelligent; it in fact gave me a broader insight into the way people tick. This undoubtedly aids my writing, music, and thinking, which I'm grateful for.

Through my life I have seen how dire the human situation is here on Earth, socially, ecologically, economically, and culturally. I have learned that drawing off the original template Earth gave to humans thousands of years ago, with its necessary values, is the only means of surviving modern life. Feelings of low self-worth and not belonging are now rife in our society, due to a general vainglorious attitude from those in positions of power. I therefore promote my own culture as a means of connecting with Earth, and each other in an original and authentic way. We are obliged to pull ourselves away from "pretend culture" and give ourselves to real authentic culture if we are to preserve our dignity, our self-worth, and our souls.

We Borrow the Earth: An Intimate Portrait of the Gypsy Folk Tradition and Culture, first published by HarperCollins, and more recently by Ravine Press, became a hit across the world, with its follow-up Coming Home to the Trees. I am now working on a third non-fiction book and am also engaged in fiction writing at my home in Southwest Wales.

I thank you all warmly for your support of my work.