Courses listed below are online, except for the Shamanic Counselling Course outside UK, which requires some attendance. 

Shamanic Counselling Course -for those outside the UK!

For those living outside the UK who are interested in the Shamanic Counselling Course, a new programme is being prepared for this course beginning at the end of 2024 and running through 2025. You will still need to attend an in-person workshop to qualify for joining the SCC, but it will carry a significant discount for those travelling from outside the UK. 

Most of what you will be learning will be online in the home-study sections of the course. But the course will contain just two attendance weeks, instead of four. This will involve one week in May, and another week in November in order to acquire the certificate and to enter the professional list of Butsi counsellors. I am keen to have people practising this craft in different parts of the world. Contact me if you are interested. 

If anyone in the USA is keen to host me for any workshops, please get in touch. 

 Understanding and Mastering Social Anxiety Course 

  - in four parts: Parts 1 & 2 = £55. Parts 3 & 4 = £55.

The course draws from natural-world values and ancient systems of thinking as a means of finding help for one of our most crippling personal conditions in modern times. Although social anxiety has existed for thousands of years, and people experience it for many reasons, it can only exist in a society where individualism based upon civilised thinking becomes the norm and when a shift away from natural ancient values has taken place. The course draws from values associated with earlier primary organic thinking and taps into your own ancestral connections and elements of the natural world to provide a most fluent and effective means of healing.

"This course has certainly changed my life, giving me a very different way of looking at my problems. More people should know about this empowering programme."  KS.

Detox Your Mind: Understanding the New-Age Spell Course

  - in four parts: Parts 1 & 2 = £55. Parts 3 & 4 = £55.

Everyone can benefit from knowing what is taking place in today's new-age industry, and how one can practise an ancient craft that does not insult ancient indigenous people who practised their own crafts for thousands of years. If you want genuine, this is where you can begin. This course shows how it is possible to borrow and honour culture in a respectful way, inviting you to step outside the box by taking an objective look at the multi-million-dollar industry that mind/body/spirit has become, & learning how to apply the natural-world values in an original authentic way. The course helps you question and compare the modern with the ancient, serving very much as a safe and necessary education for today's spiritual/cultural seekers. 

"This course truly is a life-changing experience. It is having such a positive effect on me. Such a relief to be able to be so real with someone."  DF

Courses, Programmes & Personal Work 

with Patrick Jasper Lee, author of "We Borrow the Earth".

I am happy to consider invites to book talks, book signings, interviews, conferences, seminars and festivals.

Please contact me, detailing your needs/queries if you wish.

"Let's conserve the values of borrowing that are easy to lose in an already crumbling society. Let's have the courage to stand up and defend those values. We must dare now to think differently."   

Patrick Jasper Lee