The Healing Butsi Session

A Butsi (meaning work session) entails your following some creative visualisation guidance and going on a journey to discover your own potential for transformation, or change in your life. Butsis provide help when an individual feels low or blocked, or has little or no energy, lost, lonely, or in a toxic relationship. Butsis work extremely well where issues of toxicity in relationships prevail. In fact, these exercises can be instrumental in helping all kinds of health, social, and emotional difficulties.

Butsi sessions are available in a one-to-one session with me on workshops, for workshop participants only. Price: just £35, payable in cash at the time please.

The personal Butsi Session, or Spirit-Travelling exercise (a term coined by PJLee's Rom great-grandfather), gives you an opportunity to discover a rare ancient craft which has helped many find healing and a sense of direction in their lives in times gone by. The Butsi uses an ancient way of looking at image-prompts to aid the healing process.
At the same time you can use it to discover how to restore/increase your relationship with the old otherworld, its spirits, ancestors, and folkloric influences that can have impact on your life. And it works!

...Everything's been so much better since working on the Butsis with you, Jasper. I must thank you for this opportunity. DD.
...Am feeling much much better now after doing the session with you. Thanks so much. JL.
...Doing the Butsi is quite an experience. GA.
...I'm not half as anxious any more. SK.
...Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. LL.

To buy the Gypsy Journeying Rhythms Course, which can assist when wishing to take Butsi sessions, download here.

'We are all anxious and troubled these days. The modern world isn't easy to live in. But it is possible to make things better as we change, grow, find solutions, repair inner wounds and discover the light that is at the end of a sometimes quite dark tunnel. There is always hope.

Patrick Jasper Lee, Romani Gypsy Chovihano (medicine man).