W O R K S H O P S / S E M I N A R S / R E T R E A T S/ E V E N T S 


Join me for one or both of these exciting and nature-based workshops, one on the detailed subject of trance, and the other on the fascinating area of past lives and other existences, taking place in two conducive places. These workshops are open to all, with a reduction on the fee for *SCC students. All material is drawn from authentic culture.

Discount (£15 off each workshop) if attending both "Nature of Trance" and "Exploring Our Existences!"

Contact me for info & booking details. You will be most warmly welcomed!


These programmes are structured for today's minds with ancient minds as a focus. 

Jasper will take you through a unique programme of self-transformation comprising the following:

ancestral & otherworld communications * the art of Primary Organic Thinking * how to relate to and access natural-world values * how to read/use omens * ancient animism * understanding healing in its ancient context * intuitive/psychic skills * community v individualism * true meaning of shamanic interaction * trance/hypnotic states, including ecstatic dance * woodland folk & folktales/inheriting folktale characters* the ancient shadow world * the role of Destiny * the soul and emotion * otherworld portals * surviving consumerist culture * recovering ancient principles for everyday living * respecting ancient culture & understanding cultural appropriation * the necessity for creativity and expression * the mind/body/spirit industry and its effects * preserving mental/emotional health * how to love without sacrificing one’s soul * how to protect yourself * and more...  Personal sessions available for workshop participants.

How do we reach our earlier ancestors, and use what they had to live our lives in a more fulfilling way? We are all suffering with the effects of the modern world and generations past. In these workshops we explore ancient traditions, rituals, skills & personal abilities, learning how to practice an ancient craft in an original and respectful way.

Note - Workshop attendance will contribute to the new Shamanic Counselling Course, which focuses on authentic shamanic & animistic culture of earlier Indo-European hunter-gatherers, drawn from the Rom Gypsy culture. See SCC page.


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