Beyond the veil separating this world from the next there is a vast universe packed with spirits. Patrick Jasper Lee accesses this world through an ancient portal: a form of trance mediumship used by his people throughout centuries.

"We all have a part of ourselves hidden in other lives, other experiences, and sometimes even between lives. As (probably) the last indigenous Chovihano in the Western world I carry a rich tradition of going beyond the usual boundaries, which has been passed on to me by my indigenous family of Romani Gypsies. Using trance methods of communication with spirits in the otherworld is the Rom's way of lifting up the telephone to ask what is going on, on behalf of others!"

How the Trance Process Works

For Jasper, the trance process takes the form of a stilling of the mind and body and then sudden movement of the mind and body. Jasper often describes the feeling of oncoming trance as like stepping through a large portal, or becoming somehow empty, 'like a polo mint'! Ancestors who work with Jasper need this process to be under way before they can draw close and make contact with us here.

The Benefits of Working in Trance with the Otherworld

Patrick Jasper Lee comes from an indigenous line of Romani Gypsies. He was trained in some powerful ancient trance techniques by his family, much being handed down from his great-grandfather. Jasper carries the title Chovihano, which means 'medicine man', and his roots enable him to have access to seeing into an individual's past far more than is usual.

Jasper believes that people's lives are like stories. The ancestors he works with tell us that when problems occur it is usually because our stories have become stuck, have ended too soon, or sometimes haven't even got going, meaning that repetition of experience is likely to occur.

"We all have the greatest stories behind our eyes." The phenomenal process of communication with worlds and eras we cannot see makes Jasper a rarity, in his lineage, his ancient knowledge, and what he can bring us to us in terms of healing today.