THE ROMANI NUMBERS SERIES for the Kamesko Bersh period.

Posted by Jasper Lee on Thursday, December 12, 2013 Under: Romani Gypsy

The Eight is an excellent number. It symbolises harmonious rapid movement, and in the Eight Wands we are moving through the air over water. This symbolises that things may happen quickly in association with travel of some kind. The goal you have been seeking is near. As we are focusing on the Kamesko Bersh period at the moment and Midwinter, we need to remember to allow the old to disappear as we prepare to take on the new. We don’t want to incorporate old feelings into the new ones that are promising us success in the New Year. Otherwise we will betray Kam, the spirit of the Sun, who is demonstrating to us what death and rebirth are all about. Keep strong and be firm. Something wants to carry you forward because of sacrificing the old. Go with it! It could mean a dream coming true.

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