THE ROMANI NUMBERS SERIES for Kamesko Bersh period

Posted by Jasper Lee on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Under: Romani Gypsy

The Rider Waite Seven Swords runs parallel to Seven Spades and Seven Ravnos. Meanings vary slightly, but the emphasis is on trying to make good, so the affirmation today focuses on the thief, who is stealthily (or not so stealthily) making off with the swords. The 'thief' falls into many categories, and can be viewed in several ways, from telling us we may be taking someone for a ride to telling us we are being taken for a ride! It is perhaps time to reflect on how much we need and how much we don't need in life - a good reflection to have on the run up to the Kamesko Bersh (winter solstice) when we'll be called to let the old cycle (year) go in favour of the forthcoming new one, meaning we'll have to let some things go and hold onto others. If we move into the new year without reflection, it won't help, so it's time to think clearly, now, about where we're going and what we're doing for the new year that will soon be upon us. Remember that the Kamesko Bersh is a powerful time, and we can look at it more closely as it draws closer.

For details of the history of the cards, meanings and advice, see THE OLD ROMANI PLAYING CARD BOOK, available on and

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