THE ROMANI NUMBERS SERIES for Kamesko Bersh period

Posted by Jasper Lee on Monday, December 2, 2013 Under: Romani Gypsy

SEVEN SPADES Affirmation for today. Here's 7 Ravnos from my card set. Pink and purple are associated with Ravnos the Grandfather Sky Spirit. He relates to swords and spades. Imagine a sky when it turns pink or purply on the horizon. Ravnos represents the highest and the best in spiritual terms and adventure in the most explorative and reasonable kind of way. You can fly high and achieve with Ravnos, or get completely lost and carried away, flying around like a feather in the wind. I've had to guide many a student back from the odd high-flying, devil-may-care journey here and there in the past where they flew and flew and flew until they didn't know where they were. Doesn't that remind you of what life can tempt you with sometimes? We all go up and out there, but it's how we bring ourselves back that counts. Having Ravnos on your side is a good move therefore. Good to think about when some of us may be about to overspend at Xmas. Take Ravnos out shopping with you. He knows the art of budgeting.

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