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Bokt, or luck, is most precious for the nomadic gypsy. We would often adorn ourselves with things like bells, mirrors, reds, golds, shells, feathers, and the number 7, once long ago. In fact, we used to absolutely smother ourselves with these things. Should we take this need for luck lightly? Or does luck have a real ancient and even a scientific foundation? 

Do not underestimate Number 7. It is the number of Destiny. It has the power to suddenly launch you into good and bad phases and lift you out of them just as quickly. The thought on the Seven Spades today is its age-old power, which is prominent over the winter solstice period, and which has a hold on each and every one of us. Let's examine exactly what that ancient power means to us personally as we head towards the Kamesko Bersh, the Sun's death and birth, an important time in the ancient nomadic gypsy calendar. The word I leave you with today for Seven Spades is trust. For if you trust you create a link with Destiny, which will pull you through any tough situation, whether minor or difficult. Carry Bokt with you, because you can't escape him anyway. He knows best.

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