THE MULESKO DUDE - Will o the wisp of the woodlands.

Posted by Jasper Lee on Monday, December 30, 2013 Under: Romani Gypsy

‘Take care, tikni,’ said the old Chovihano, ‘the Mulesko Dude (will o the wisp) may be watching you, for we are still within that seam that sits between the old year and the new. Kam, the spirit of the sun, is yet just a baby, and the veil between this world and the next thins and beckons, like a veil floating unnoticeably all around you.

Should your spirit remain strong, however, you may not become enchanted by the lights that hover over marshes, those which haunt the woodlands at this time of year. For you a traveller of life, and the lights beckon and call.

Keep alert, for enchantment is all around you, stay keen while in the darkness of deep winter, and keep little lights burning in your home, until we have transcended this time and the new year is well and truly under way.’ THROUGH FOREST MIST, second in the trilogy THE LONG REFLECTION by PJLee, will be coming soon. Until it’s here, take good care when under the influence of the spirits of winter.

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