THE ROMANI NUMBERS SERIES for Kamesko Bersh period

Posted by Jasper Lee on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 Under: Romani Gypsy

The Number Seven encompasses everything if we are talking about luck: from saying something seven times to peg-making!

'... The presence of the number seven is also significant, seven being the magical number often associated with clever lies or tricks which can aid in bringing luck, as in the Bari Hukni, when the gypsies professed to be wandering Europe as Christian penitents for seven years! As mentioned before, the number seven would be more important than the fact that the storyteller is considered to be a liar, for if he achieves something seven times over, he has truly mastered the art of luck!'

This passage, from We Borrow the Earth (available from Amazon kindle) captures the way we would have seen the Number Seven in earlier times. 'Seven' was seen as having its own spirit, and it was important to honour it, for if you got on the right side of it, then Bokt, or luck, would be walking with you, and there was nothing better for a Romani Gypsy than to be in the presence of the spirit called Bokt. You sought Bokt in everything you did, deliberately going all out to find him; you dreamed of him and performed rituals to invite him into your life. Clothes pegs were originally made in seven stages. Why do we wish each other kushto bok? It's obvious! 

So the affirmation on the Number Seven today is to ask luck, openly, to step in our lives and aid us in everything we do.

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