THE ROMANI NUMBERS SERIES for Kamesko Bersh period

Posted by Jasper Lee on Sunday, December 1, 2013 Under: Romani Gypsy

SEVEN SPADES Affirmation – Have hope! Today we are looking at Seven Ravnos, from the unusual Romani Jal cards, which are all about Grandfather Sky, who is also linked to Spades and Swords. Ravnos technically means 'blue', but has also been used for the word 'sky'. He is one of the Greater Ancestors who guide and watch over us, together with Earth, Sun and Moon. The affirmation today is to make plans to knuckle down and work at something over the coming week without giving up, because Bokt (luck) may just be with us (you could say, if we play our cards right)! Grandfather Sky, will always give us the wider picture of things. So as we often say, atch oprey atchin oprey: keep on keeping on, and things will come right. Make a wish with Ravnos in mind today; and perhaps we may just be able to
 expect the unexpected. The Romani Jal cards give an unusual slant to readings, which I will be talking about more as time goes by. 

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