THE MAGIC AND INTEGRITY OF NUMBERS: free personal readings

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Free personal readings in the traditional Romani Gypsy way covering the Kamesko Bersh (winter solstice period).

"I soon saw a vision in the water: a campfire, burning bright, and people sitting around it, breaking bok moro (luck bread; nomadic gypsy bread) together, and cooking zumi (nomadic gypsy broth, like an old-fashioned pottage) over a fire."

Never underestimate numbers and the way they appear in our daily lives. Remember that they are magical, and however they appear to us, they also have the integrity to give us exactly what we need.

Last night I was thinking about numbers and the future. I had been thinking about helping everyone move through the solstice period this year into a new positive cycle. Anni, my wife, suggested I draw a card from our pack to share with everyone around me, in the true gypsy Chovihano way.

I rose this morning and on going out for my walk, went by a different route, one that I don’t always use because it is slightly longer. As I crossed the bridge that crosses a small fast-moving river, I suddenly stopped, for lying within the autumn leaves on the ground was a playing card, face up, as if waiting just for me. It looked clean and as if had just been placed there.

I smiled. I was looking down at the Seven Spades, sitting at my feet. So, Destiny knew I would be taking this route? I didn’t know who had dropped the card or how it had got there, but that didn’t matter. The point was that I had been thinking about numbers and cards just the night before, and Anni’s suggestion caused the thought to travel out and meet Destiny head on. This meant that the person who had dropped the card had a destiny that momentarily converged with mine. No one could deny the fact that Destiny was knocking at my door. No one could deny that there was some strong magic at work. 

I didn’t pick the card up, but walked on, and when I returned it was still sitting there, beside the river, and I stood looking at the card and the river for a while. Seven Spades! What did it mean? What could it mean in the context of what we had been thinking the night before? 

‘Something that isn’t at work - yet, is asking to come to life,’ my ancestor, Puro, told me. (People may know Puro from WE BORROW THE EARTH, and some may even have had contact with him personally when visiting me). Puro also said that this was indeed a card not only for Anni and me, but for all those I have contact with: those who happen to be on the fight to preserve and champion the Romani culture. 

‘Seven Spades has come directly from the stars,’ Pahni, the water spirit in the river told me. ‘The message has come directly from Destiny himself, who lives in the stars.’ Pahni is a most beautiful spirit and has helped me through many difficult times in my life. It is a good idea to take yourself to a river and talk to her when you have problems.

I soon saw a vision in the water: a campfire, burning bright, and people sitting around it, breaking bok moro (luck bread; nomadic gypsy bread) together, and cooking zumi (nomadic gypsy broth, like an old-fashioned pottage) over a fire. I saw a great many people, coming together to enjoy themselves, to talk, laugh, sing, dance, learn, and share meaningful conversation about the old ways, in an environment conducive to the wild of the gypsy heart. We were in a beautiful natural setting, somewhere in the near future.

So Seven Spades begins a new phase for us all, and this has been inspirational. I’ve decided to run weekly readings, in the traditional Romani way, up until the Full Moon on January 16 2014. I will be introducing elements that are not generally talked about in readings. 

I’d like to invite you and your friends to come and benefit – and it is appreciated if people ‘like’ my page on FB if enjoying what goes on, as I plan to do more of this kind of thing. 

The readings will work by changing the card every week. Then throughout the week we will also look at different aspects of the card, which will relate to your day, and hopefully elevate your day. On Facebook I may repeat posts daily about this, so that people who are not in the British time zone can take part. 

So Seven Spades, I thank you on behalf of everyone who benefits from your message from the stars. Here’s the first daily reading:


SEVEN SPADES - today do not worry if something doesn’t appear to be working as it should, but equally don’t stop giving energy to the thing you wish to achieve. It’s probably greater than you are at this moment in time. It will come to fruition if you seek the wider picture needing to act itself out, together with its ups and downs. What appears to be negative may not be negative at all, in the long run. Have patience, and trust in Destiny. 

Tomorrow we shall look at a different aspect of Seven Spades. 

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