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Posted by Jasper Lee on Tuesday, January 14, 2014, In : Romani Gypsy 

'Follow the stream into the wood,' said the Gypsy Chovihano. 'There I will tell your fortune if you cross my palm with silver. You will need to find me first, and that will be your challenge. But if you follow the lighted path, lit by the otherworld, ancient dreams and the Spirit of Destiny, there I will be, waiting to tell you the story of your year. Shall you dare to come? You will be blessed by the spirits of old and your own Destiny if you can only find me.'

YEARLY READINGS up to the end o...
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Posted by Jasper Lee on Saturday, November 30, 2013, In : Romani Gypsy 

Bokt, or luck, is most precious for the nomadic gypsy. We would often adorn ourselves with things like bells, mirrors, reds, golds, shells, feathers, and the number 7, once long ago. In fact, we used to absolutely smother ourselves with these things. Should we take this need for luck lightly? Or does luck have a real ancient and even a scientific foundation? 

Do not underestimate Number 7. It is the number of Destiny. It has the power to suddenly launch you into good and bad phases and lift yo...

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Posted by Jasper Lee on Wednesday, October 16, 2013, In : reflections on life 
"What is fate but a lifelong reminder to learn tomorrow the thing that you forgot to learn yesterday?" PJLee.

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