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Posted by Jasper Lee on Thursday, July 25, 2013, In : romani gypsy aspie 
We Borrow the Earth and Patrick Jasper Lee are being republished! Ravine Press - thank you. It's been a tough ride for both of us, a journey through thirteen years since its first publication by Thorsons, to its latest publication by Ravine Press. 

The first time round my relationship with this book wasn't exactly a marriage made in heaven, even though I was overjoyed that I was being published. As a fiction writer, it was a challenge to write about my Romani gypsy culture - considering most o...

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My Life

Posted by Jasper Lee on Wednesday, July 3, 2013, In : romani gypsy aspie 
A quote from We Borrow the Earth: an intimate portrait of the gypsy folk tradition and culture. It's been popular and has whizzed around the Facebook network. The Romani gypsy aspie is here to stay.

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About Me

Patrick Jasper Lee Here I am often on the telephone connecting this world to the otherworld. Here are my observations, reflections & dreams about the way it all is.

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