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Posted by Jasper Lee on Friday, April 4, 2014, In : Romani Gypsy 
Let's remember Yag, the spirit of fire, and how much he helps us to express ourselves artistically, with passion, courage, strength and humour. He is an essential spirit, connecting us with Kam, the spirit of the sun. Without fire in your life, your passion is considerably dulled. 

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Posted by Jasper Lee on Thursday, January 9, 2014, In : Romani Gypsy 

How beautiful the dancing stars! - '... my father explained that in his vision there was a sheet of pure blue silk and it was being stretched out across the earth by invisible spirit hands. Sometimes this sheet was smooth, other times silver coins were being tossed upon it like a great many dancing stars. He said that when it was being shaken by all those unseen hands, billowing and ballooning so beautifully, he couldn’t take his eyes off it. He knew we would all somehow have to fall upon i...
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A special review on the new version of WE BORROW THE EARTH, and a lot of thoughts!

Posted by Jasper Lee on Sunday, December 15, 2013, In : Romani Gypsy 

Reviews are a heartfelt statement, at least to me, because the words reach other levels...

'... W
hen I learned that he [PJLee] had rewritten some parts [of We Borrow] and also added to it, I knew that I just had to have it.'

'I did not just find it [We Borrow] fascinating because of the content but also because of the lyrical way Jasper writes. His writing transports you to other worlds, both literally and metaphorically.'

'Dare to read this book [We Borrow] and understand what an intricate, edu...

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