Spare Shon a few thoughts during the full moon on this Valentine's Day.

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A full moon on Valentine’s Day! Romance in the air! Is this an auspicious omen?

For some of us, yes, for others, no! Shon has all the power if she is full. When she whispers into Kam's ear, she will influence him. Queen of romance, queen of dreams, queen of emotion - which includes water! She is powerful at the moment. When the moon is full there are changes in the air, for the immortals in heaven, and for the mortals here on earth. Expect a change after this full moon!

Many of us are being challenged. Prompted by the extreme weather conditions, initiated by the likes of Kam and Shon, which have been occurring all over the world, we are being asked finally to decide where our own love lies.

We have been asked lately to think more clearly about what is taking place 'out there' in nature, and that brings into question how much we love nature! Do we love nature? How much does it take us to see what the natural world is really all about, that there is a power at work here that is literally millions of years old, and that this power may be even more powerful than we believe? Where do our loyalties lie: with these spirits who guide our overall fate, which governs our (sometimes) unwanted experience, or with the mundane, somewhat safe, mortal needs which cause us to direct our attention elsewhere?

When Shon, the Spirit of the Moon, is full, she joins in with what is going on in the rest of the universe, and there is a lot going on at this present time! Here on this Valentine's Day a new influence comes into our lives, which some of us might already feel resonating - should we allow it to buzz a little in our veins. The spirits of the natural world are with us, and will keep on luring us to slip back into their ancient world.

As Shon the moon, our ancient mother whispers in the ear of Kam the sun, her lover, we are invited to think about them, and to perhaps step up a gear in the way we perceive them. In days gone by we copied these great lovers of our universe. 

For this reason let's remember that we humans are not the only beings here in the universe: that other beings and spirits exist all around us. Just look up into the sky when the stars are clear, when the moon is full and bright, when the sun is shining, when dawn brings the golden light. All of these beings and spirits have living beating hearts just like you do.

Send a kiss to the two great lovers up there in the sky. Acknowledge the wake-up calls and the reality checks they are bringing at this time. We perhaps need to make it a safe place for them to act out their eternal courtship in the sky. And the moon being full at this time, brings a message of feminine love, romance, care, passion and hope for our souls. Acknowledge that.

Welcome Shon's influence during the full moon on this Valentine's Day.

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