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Don’t underestimate Number Eight, whenever you meet it. Here are some interesting facts about this fascinating number, mostly according to Wiki.

The spider has 8 legs.
Orb-weaver spiders have eight eyes.
The octopus has 8 arms (tentacles).
Honeybees perform a ‘waggle dance’: a figure eight series of movements that a scouting honey bee makes on its return to the hive. 
Eight is the number of wealth and abundance in Hinduism.
Eight is extremely lucky in China (because it sounds like the word Pinyin, which means ‘generate wealth’).
The opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Beijing, therefore, started at 8 seconds and 8 minutes past 8 pm (local time) on 8 August 2008!
The human adult has eight teeth in each quadrant. The eighth tooth is what we know of as the wisdom tooth.
The Goddess Lakshmi has eight forms.
Ba gua, in Taoism means ‘eight symbols’.
The Dharmacakra, a Buddhist symbol, has eight spokes.
In technology a byte is eight bits.
There are eight cervical nerves on each side in man and most mammals.
There are eight notes in the octatonic scale.
A disphenoid crystal is bounded by eight scalene triangles arranged in pairs.
As of 2006, in our Solar System, eight of the bodies orbiting the Sun are considered to be planets.
Timothy Leary identified a hierarchy of eight levels of consciousness (!)
In numerology eight is the number of building and good business when positive.
In the Romani Jal cards eight represent letting go of what you don’t need to enable what you do need to enter your life and make you successful.

The Romani flag has 16 spokes in its wheel. If you’re going to have an eight, you might as well double it and make it luckiest of all! The Indian flag has 24 spokes - but we won’t go into that!

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