A special review on the new version of WE BORROW THE EARTH, and a lot of thoughts!

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Reviews are a heartfelt statement, at least to me, because the words reach other levels...

'... W
hen I learned that he [PJLee] had rewritten some parts [of We Borrow] and also added to it, I knew that I just had to have it.'

'I did not just find it [We Borrow] fascinating because of the content but also because of the lyrical way Jasper writes. His writing transports you to other worlds, both literally and metaphorically.'

'Dare to read this book [We Borrow] and understand what an intricate, educational, spiritual, and pure way of life this Roma leads. Read with your head and learn with your heart. Lee is a powerful teacher and great storyteller. You will be sad that the book has to end. Enjoy!'

'A view from the inside of a tribal culture that survived intact within Western Europe until only recently. This is a clear, charming and revelatory narrative which illuminates and demystifies Romani Gypsy culture. Their tradition of living lightly on the land ("borrowing") is so relevant in today's world.'

It isn't always the words in reviews, it's something that comes off reviewers and reaches me somehow. 'If you've read the old WE BORROW, you'll certainly miss out on a lot more info if you don't read the new one,' someone said to me recently. 'It's a reminder that we're losing something.'

I feel honoured when people speak or write such things, and this inspired me with some thoughts today: that we have to take seriously the truth that these animistic folk traditions are in fact dying, mostly all over the world.

As we move into a new techno age and away from old principles and values at the same time, the way we view things is not being acquired from elders any more. That is a dangerous place to find ourselves. 

It may not seem that values are slipping away, but they are. As (probably) one of the last Chovihanos in the Western world (I am in the business of transporting people to other worlds as one review stated), I see it as my task to pass on knowledge and values as they have been throughout many hundreds, if not thousands, of years, as passed down to me from my own elders, and if I can pass them on personally, in my courses and in my books, then I have carried out my task to the best of my ability, whilst here on Earth. 

An ancestor once said to me: 'The mass slaughter of tribal people all over the world throughout history means there are no wise ones to pass down wisdom and how to live any more, and we therefore risk being in the hands of fools.' A review with a difference, we might say, particularly as it is coming from the other side of the fence, and much food for thought, I think!

I'm here, now! Come and learn from me in 2014! Read my newest books. Here's part of an original inspiring review from Richard Jefferson

'I have the original paperback of this book [We Borrow the Earth: An Intimate Portrait of the Gypsy Folk Tradition and Culture], which I love and am always dipping into. When I knew that Patrick Jasper Lee had decided to reprint as a kindle version, I had thought that it would be just a straight reprint, so when I learned that he had rewritten some parts and also added to it, I knew that I just had to have it.

'I was not disappointed! Patrick's flair for bringing the 'flavour' of gypsy life and lore together is still there from the original, but so much more has been added.

'As with Patrick's other books such as 'Beyond a Near Water', I would thoroughly recommend it to those on the spiritual/healing path.'

Just for the record, the follow-up to WE BORROW will be out in Spring, and the follow-up to BEYOND will be out next year also. The picture here is of me in mi vardo when doing some readings!

Thanks for the inspiration, everyone; thank you for the thoughts and realisations today ...

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