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'Our homeland is beyond a great water. Our homeland will be found where we are able to fall off the edge of the land in the place where the sun sits down in the west.'

The forthcoming BEYOND A NEAR WATER, first in the trilogy THE LONG REFLECTION, contains two tales: HORKI'S TALE and RUSLO RUK'S TALE. Iuzio the Immortal begins the story of the journey taken by generations of nomadic Romani Gypsies across Asia on their search for their true homeland: the place where they belong, 'where the sun sits down in the west'. With everything being thrown against them from the eras they move through, and fiercely staunch in their magical in approach to life and the Otherworld, BEYOND A NEAR WATER expresses the true story of the Gypsies' pilgrimage across plains, deserts and oceans to the countries these nomadic peoples have settled in now. THE LONG REFLECTION trilogy contains a wealth of ancient folklore, myth, and is a touching and dramatic account of life on the move for these mostly forgotten nomadic people. Published by Ravine Press 2013. 

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