LOCOLLICO'S LOWERWORLD SUPERSTORE: how supermarkets are spreading to the Lowerworld!

Posted by Jasper Lee on Saturday, December 7, 2013 Under: Romani Gypsy

Must be sung with a high, squeaky, slightly gritty voice!

Come, human, come, won't you step inside with me?
Come, human, come; there's 'buy one get one free'.
If you hear the Chovihano, and his screams to stay away,
You won't need to listen. What does he know anyway?
Come, human, come. Our superstore is here!
Come, human, come. Doors open thru the year!
Trust the Bitee Fokee, and our products on the shelves,
You can trust our friendly staff: Keshali, Dwarves and Elves.
Come, human, come, won't you step into our store?
For bargains and huge discounts, and really so much more.
You'll not resist; for once inside, you'll feel you are at home,
It's true to say that once inside you'll never be alone.
There isn't any choice, you see; this myth you wont' dispel,
For once inside Locollico's, your soul is ours to sell!

Readers of WE BORROW THE EARTH by PJLee may understand the joke: that it actually isn't a joke!

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