Do Aspies See Too Much Rather Than Too Little?

Posted by Jasper Lee on Thursday, July 4, 2013 Under: Autism
I sometimes wonder if people on the spectrum see, feel, sense, and get to know more about others and their situations than is commonly believed. I have long had an ability to know exactly where people are coming from, which a geometric mental system I live with - affectionately called my 'signals' - informs me about. 

Technically, I am not supposed to know such things; as an aspie I am supposed to be lacking sufficient communication skills, with trouble in handling conversations. We see things in a straightforward way, steered by 'black and white' intention and thinking, but I, possibly like some others, pick things up from people in a rather computerised way, perhaps even a very animal-like way (animals are not only aspies but are also like computers? Yes, they are! But you'll have to see more in my book to know why I say this). 

To give an example of my geometric state of mind, if someone talks to me about a cup that is on a table to their left and they're looking to their right, it isn't the case that they are really talking about the cup to their left but are really thinking about something that is to their right - to the right of their mind! It is basically nothing to do with the cup. Here, within their mind, something else is going on, which I'm expected to acknowledge; something's taking place in their mind or thoughts occupying them, and my own left/right geometric mind is picking up on it. 

My signals jump about in my mind, from left to right and back again; they also move up and down, from the front of my mind, to the back, side to side, all kinds of directions. It is a complete geometric world of shapes coming alive and transforming themselves into squares, circles and triangles, letting me know where people are coming from. (They also transform into stone, water and mist - but that's another story and too much to go into here - it's explained in the book). 

This system though promptly informs me that someone isn't necessarily talking about the cup on the table to the left; but not only this, they will also inform me about how I am supposed to react, by pretending that we are in fact talking about the cup on the table to the left, because that is what we are expected to be doing! It's confusing. Everyone's confused, but I'm probably more confused than most!

I am fully expected to honour the cryptic messaging such a person is giving me - or the cup - which is difficult in my case: 'this is how you're supposed to react in this particular situation', my signals will be saying as they're trying to put me straight. Without my signals - well, it's like a dog without its nose - I don't know how I would have fared where communication is concerned. I might well have been completely flummoxed as to how the human race behaves and reacts. The human race is a weird species to say the least sometimes! 

I am of the opinion that every spectrum individual - or at least this spectrum individual - sees, feels, senses and gets to know far more of what is going on around them than is generally believed, particularly as we see things literally, and we therefore see beneath the layers that are communicated every day in the world. It's more a bombardment of too much information that I am subjected to, rather than too little. Thank goodness for my signals.

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