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A Neolithic Man
- a sketch I did of an ancestor who means business!

We are in the midst of a powerful revolution that is taking place in the otherworld as many ancestors from earlier eras begin to advance in their desire to be heard. When I say 'advance', I mean they are moving towards the mortal world in vast numbers, much more so than they normally would. And when I say 'ancestors' I do not refer to parental and grandparental generations that are immediately behind you. These are ancestors who go back a long, long way in time, and their interest in us is keen to say the least.

I'm discovering that many people (mortals) who attend my programmes or who meet me at events are surrounded by swarms of people from the deeper past, especially if they are involved in any kind of work that promotes an interest in the otherworld. At the moment (according to inside information), there is a great pull on the mortal world to correct imbalances and link people with their destinies because more are aligning themselves to their ancestral paths, and also the world is in a pretty dire state, meaning that we need to band together more than we've done before. These ancestors come to us in many different forms, many different ways, and for many different reasons.

In another age, it wasn't so strange to think that ancestors might accompany us along our paths. In earlier tribes, even as far back as far as the Iron Age, we would have attracted ancestral gatherings all the time, but now ancestors can literally be many worlds away from us and the divide between us, in some cases, widens. These ancestors are often unheard and unseen. Woodland spirits are very much the same. So they too are making a bit of a come-back on a larger scale. I know this because I am able to see so many of them gathered together whenever I am at events or spending time with people who connect with them.

This ancestral revolution also extends to us here in this world. We need to campaign for the ancestors, make room for them in our lives, and we also need the old woodland spirits to return to us in a much bigger way (not the little Victorian fairies of modern times but the hard-core, full-on, sometimes ugly, small and lethal people of the woodland realms who existed for hundreds of years but who now hide away because, simply, no one understands of remembers their purpose). We no longer need to be cut off from them, but need to welcome them, along with the positive Muchee Mulee (see Coming Home to the Trees for more info on these spirits) who would be helpful to us. They would help us in our personal lives and in our domestic and working lives. Spirits and ancestors who have our greater journey at heart used to be all around us all of the time, and our own attitude now in these modern times is going to help them reappear and make themselves known to us.

As ancestors surge forward, I predict that there will be an increased interest in the historic and prehistoric past. Re-enactment groups may increase, curiosity about the magical past may increase, among people who don't usually take much interest in it at all. Old energies will resurface on the earth, not always pleasant but the earth has memories of her own, and she remembers how her own indigenous tribal people, ancestors, and spirits were pushed aside all over the world to make room for more civilized and technological advancement. Reuniting people with a past that is often lost to the mists of time will educate and help people to feel they belong - and everyone needs to belong.

I am kept busy at the moment with requests for detailed descriptions of the ancestors I see. Many of them link with the experiences/karma/situations we find ourselves meeting today, which has clear roots in our past. This is something we don't always consider, but those we've known in the deeper past often accompany us through those experiences, if they don't come back with us here to explore experience with us themselves. There are many couples and groups of friends linked by the past who incarnate together these days.

As an indigenous Chovihano from an ancient line, I feel it is time to help ancestors communicate with us. Honouring our ancestors is the least we can do. Remembering the people of the past isn't so strange when you remind yourself that, without them, you actually wouldn't be here. We have their spirit, their blood in our veins, and sometimes even a little of their psychology.

Hear them. See them. Know them. Remember that they are with you, helping you understand that what you do today makes the story of yesterday become our tomorrow.

You can learn a lot more about this if you would like to attend a one-day programme with me on this subject. See Healing the Wounds of the Deeper Past in the courses section on this website. It is a programme which welcomes you and your ancestors!

Sketches of your own ancestors are available from Patrick Jasper Lee.

For related reading on this subject, see Coming Home to the Trees: Travelling with the Gypsy Spirit of the Past by Patrick Jasper Lee, and Forbidden Dimensions by C. G. Browne.

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