The Butsi Session

Over the years, the Butsi session or personal spirit travelling exercise, has helped many people find healing and a sense of direction in their lives. 

"Butsi" means work session on the self, with the aim of experiencing transformation and discovering more about what one can do to restore confidence and help oneself through physical, mental or emotional problems. 

At the same time one can discover how to restore/increase one's relationship with the old otherworld, its spirits, ancestors, and influential forces that have an impact on our lives. 

It is possible to change, grow, find solutions and discover the light that is at the end of the dark tunnel with these techniques.

The Butsi session is available in person or online, or you can attend a workshop in order to sample its healing benefits. Please contact PJL if you would like a session, which costs £45 payable through Paypal (contact PJL to book). Alternatively you can download a flyer here if interested in attending a talk/workshop.